All-in-one video platform for modern businesses

Powerful end-to-end video workflow from your browser. Create, edit, distribute in minutes, not weeks.

Create professional video content easily

  • Livestream or record content from your browser, no installs
  • Brand your videos with your logo and colours
  • Add overlays, titles, transitions, names and more to make your video content stand out

Create with Contrast

Produce 10x more video, auto-magically

Contrast creates short clips and highlights from your long-form videos so you can boost the quantity of content you produce with no extra work.

Edit with Contrast

Distribute anywhere, with a few clicks

  • Share your video with a custom link
  • Host your video content in your own “Netflix-style” branded video experience
  • Embed your videos seamlessly
  • Publish on social media

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Save time and money by switching to Contrast

Contrast helps you save by:

  • Replace your streaming, recording, editing and hosting tools with an all-in-one solution
  • Remove the need for expensive production services or freelance video editors

Collaborative workflow

Built for teams and collaboration. No siloes, no lost files, no endless uploads and reuploads across different tools

Powerful analytics & reporting

  • Get a global and detailed view of how your content performs
  • Compare which videos convert or engage more to best to improvize your ROI

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