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Run better and more engaging webinars

Bring your webinars to life with powerful customization and interactive features. Contrast's Webinar Studio helps webinar hosts manage and moderate webinars that stand out.

Q&A like you've never seen before

Bring questions on stream, engage your audience and make it easier to follow along. Simply add any message to the stream with the click of a button.

Polls that get answers

Add your poll on top of your webinar to focus the attention and maximize the answers you get. Finally, a webinar platform that empowers your sales team.

Look professional in just a single click

Webinar Studio: no downloads, a practice backstage, up to 8 speakers and easier than anything you've tried before. Anyone can run a webinar on Contrast and look professional.

Stand out during and after your webinars

Webinars are automatically recorded in FullHD. Repurpose them into short clips with our clipping tool or upload them to YouTube. No matter where they are, they look great.

Tristan from Modjo loves the Studio too

Don't believe us? Here's reason to believe.

What people love most about Contrast

High-quality webinars

Crystal-clear webinars without any downloads. Our modern tech guarantees a smooth and professional experience for presenters and attendees.

Backstage access

Seamless behind-the-scenes webinar management for as many as 8 speakers. Listen in, chat with other hosts, and control every aspect of your webinar.

Custom branding

Customize every visual aspect of your webinar. Use your brand’s colors, logos and visuals to create a memorable experience. 

Themes and layouts

Look better than boring video calls. Change your webinar's look and feel with prebuilt themes and dynamic layouts.

Audience interaction tools

Engage your audience like never before. Q&As, polls, and widgets to create keeps everyone involved and attentive.

Modern and fun chat

Crickets in the chat? Engage your audience with a modern chat experience with emojis and more

Powerfully simple webinars

Hosting incredible webinars should be easy. Control and customize every aspect of your webinar with Contrast’s Webinar Studio.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What can I use Webinar Studio for?

Webinar Studio is best solution for hosting interactive webinars, but you can also manage other types of online events.

Is the webinar Studio really free?

Yes! Like most of our features, Webinar Studio is included in Contrast’s free plan.

How many users can access Webinar Studio?

You can invite your entire team to Contrast for free. In the Studio, access is limited to 8 people.

How do I get the most out of Webinar Studio?

You can maximize Webinar Studio's potential with this detailed guide. It covers everything from initial setup to advanced features for optimal use.

What is the difference between Contrast and Webinar Studio?

The webinar Studio is a single feature available on the Contrast webinar platform.