20+ data points

for every contact in HubSpot

Contrast is the only webinar platform built for HubSpot.
It sends you all data you need to hyperpersonalize your follow-up. From a single webinar. In real-time.

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“Because Contrast is so easy to use, we've now onboarded our entire sales team on Contrast. They're now running their own webinars, from A-Z. That means I can free up a lot of time to work on higher value tasks. And they can even optimize their outreach by using UTM-data that is also tracked on HubSpot.”

Bernice LohrAlleo

Bernice Lohr

Marketing manager, Alleo

Get more leads and data points
from your webinar+56 on average+6 on average

Push all your webinar data like registrants, when they watch,
how much they watch, and how they engage — directly into HubSpot. In real-time.

Understand your prospect's pain-points with webinars

Use Polls and Custom Registration forms to get answers to the most important questions. Put the data to use with workflows.


More touch points for your sales team

Score and route your best webinar leads to your sales team with high-quality intent data.


Enroll people in the right campaigns, lists and workflows

Contrast sends you 20+ data points: registrations, live views, replay views, watch time, poll data and other properties like when prospects were last active on Contrast.


Get more registrations with less money spent

UTMs are tracked all the way to HubSpot. Use UTM-data to find the channels that drive most registrants. Kill the ones that waste your money.


Make HubSpot the source of truth for all webinar data

Contrast creates and updates all your contacts within HubSpot. In real time. You can keep HubSpot the source of truth as it will always be up-to-date.


Easy and quick to test with one-click installation

OAuth Integration that's literally just a click. Keep the data flowing on autopilot.


Everything you need to know
to hyper-personalize your follow-ups

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Host engaging and branded webinars. In seconds.

Contrast is the webinar platform for the modern marketer.
Easy to use, branded and full of engagement features that help you warm up your leads.

Branded and personalized confirmation, reminders and follow-up emails.
No-code branded webinar experience with your logo and colors. Built for high conversion with one-click registration.
registration page

Polls and Q&A that your prospects will interact with. Better qualified leads sent to HubSpot. In real-time.

Watch Time

Find your most engaged leads for every webinar you run with detailed stats. Personalize your marketing and outreach and improve win-rates.


Repurpose Ai turn every webinar you run into 10 new content pieces that you can use on your blog, newsletter and social media.


The very best use Contrast

303 companies increased their
webinar ROI with Contrast

Great webinar tool with seamless HubSpot Integration

The integration with HubSpot is effortless. Setting up only takes a few minutes and the channel experience makes the viewer experience frictionless. I can absolutely recommend Contrast.

Bradley, N.
Technology - Software
51 to 200 employees

Solid HubSpot integration

The HubSpot integration is pretty cool. It's real-time and doesn't override any data + the original source and UTM tracking are very useful to understand our viewer acquisition directly from HubSpot dashboards.

Duverdier, H.
Banking - Financial Services
51 to 200 employees

The solution to energize webinars

HubSpot integration is great: native properties are automatically created, each registration create a form submission, and you can easily find your registrants or your attendees! I strongly recommend it!

Monjal, A.
Banking - Financial Services
51 to 200 employees

Easy-to-use webinar platform that doesn't sacrifice quality

Great integration to HubSpot. Basic native properties like name, job title are filled in as well as UTM parameters and a whole host of properties on Contacts' interaction with your webinar and replays.

Balhorn, C.
Marketing Services
51 to 200 employees

Easy to use webinar product

Their HubSpot integration was easy to connect and gives us actionable data like viewer data, polls, etc.

Berchier, S.
Technology - Software
51 to 200 employees

Unique webinar tool & excellent customer support

We don't regret our choice! We have a very satured market in terms of webinar content and thanks to Contrast, our content stands out, we have a powerful and recognizable brand on our channel, our audience loves to interact with us live and we have qualitative data to analyze and track performance. Scheduling a webinar takes no longer than 20 minutes now. I strongly recommend!

Baba, V.
Recruiting - Staffing
51 to 200 employees

Great interface & Flawless integration with HubSpot!

We previously used Livestorm but switched over because both were falling short in terms of HubSpot integration: Contrast's integration solves our main pain point around attribution of registrations and helps us to create better follow-up strategies to maximize the engagement we get on our webinars.

Borgne, L.
Technology - Software
51 to 200 employees

Awesome webinar product

We switched from Livestorm to Contrast because we were looking for a tool that was easy to use, innovative in its approach to live events, and with strong integration with HubSpot. The fact that these two tools integrate so well saves us a lot of time and resources.

Aucher, T.
Technology - Software
51 to 200 employees

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HubSpot Leads Accelerator

The only webinar platform made for HubSpot:

✔️Native HubSpot integration in 1-click
✔️Up to 10.000 registrants per month
✔️Support from HubSpot experts
✔️20+ engagement data points added to contacts

Starting at $79/mo

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I risk by testing the integration?

Nothing. It's one click to connect. We don't change anything in your HubSpot instance. And we don't overwrite data. If you're not happy, it's one click to disconnect.

Do you overwrite data in HubSpot?

No. We don't overwrite your data in HubSpot. If there's an empty property that we can fill, we'll do it. If a contact does not yet exist, we create it for you.

Who owns the data?

You do! Any content (including your users) is 100% owned by you. Contrast doesn't have permission to use that content or contact your users for any reason. Contrast is just a tool for YOU to run YOUR webinars and get the data on YOUR HubSpot!

How do you handle security?

We are committed to keeping your data secure and confidential. We are a European company and are continuously working to perfect our compliance with GDPR regulations. We use the OAuth 2.0 protocol provided by HubSpot to secure every exchange between Contrast and your CRM.

Does Contrast scale?

Yes! Because Contrast is hosted on the largest public cloud cluster in the world (powered by Amazon) we have virtually unlimited ability to scale in real time.

Where can I see the reviews?

People rate Contrast 5/5 on the HubSpot Marketplace, see it for yourself

If I have questions, is there someone I can talk to?

Yes! We have a first class support team who can answer your questions. Just click on the `support` link on the bottom of any of our pages.