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4.9 ⭐️

Top-rated Webinar integration on the HubSpot marketplace.

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Source tracking

No more “Offline sources”.

Tracking clean as a whistle.

Complete user profiles for your audience

13 custom HubSpot properties updated in real-time so you can close more deals, faster. → Trigger workflows on X registrations → Validate emails to reduce bounces → Raw first conversion UTMs

Who's doing what, at a glance

Timeline events for registrations, live views, replays and poll results that you can use from anywhere in HubSpot. → Create viewers lists → Follow-up with poll respondents → Find out who missed your last webinar

Webinars and sign up flows, your way

Control how and who can access your webinars. Take control over the registration experience, we’ll take care of the rest (emails, hosting, etc.): → Host your own webinar landing page → Register only specific people → Run LinkedIn lead-gen forms

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Don’t believe us? Integration speed run.

Set up your Contrast <> HubSpot integration in under 60 seconds

and get data flowing into your CRM.


Is the Contrast <> HubSpot integration available on all plans?

Yes, the HubSpot integration is available on every plan, even the free one. More information about pricing here.

How do I create lists of registrants for a Contrast webinar?

Create lists of registrants for a Contrast webinar using the Timeline events on the Contact's activity feed.

We wrote a detailed article on how to do it yourself here.

How do I create a list of everyone who’s watched one of my webinars?

Easily create a list of everyone who’s watched one of your webinars using our Custom Properties.

We wrote a detailed article on how to do it yourself here.

Can I email people who have signed up to a Contrast webinar?

When people sign up to Contrast they accept both our and your terms and conditions. If you want to give an option to opt-in, you can host your own landing page with a HubSpot form. In terms of GDPR, we are data processors. Find our DPA here.

Does Contrast offer a free plan?

Yes, we offer a free plan that's tailored to smaller teams or people looking to get started with webinars. You can run as many webinars as you like with up to 50 unique registrants per month on your Channel. Sign up now for lifetime access to the free plan.

Can I really cancel anytime?

Yes, absolutely. If you want to cancel simply go to the billing section of your account page. Once you cancel your plan, you will remain on the plan until the end of your billing cycle, at which time the plan will be canceled and we'll downgrade you to our free tier.

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