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  • Unlimited number of seats
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  • Unlimited active contacts per month
  • Unlimited number of seats
  • Unlimited stored videos

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Active contacts
Up to 50 per month
Up to 250 per month
Number of seats
Number of stored videos
Up to 10
Up to 150
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Studio with backstage, layouts, etc.
Every engagement feature
Fully branded experience
Branded Embeds
Webinar channel
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Clip Ai and Repurpose Ai credits
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Live captioning
Restream to LinkedIn and other platforms
RTMP input

All the basic webinar features

Every feature you need from a webinar product

Analytics and integrations

Video performance
Video engagement
Embed analytics
CRM integration
Zapier and Make (ex-Integromat) integration
Webhooks and API


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Dedicated Slack channel
Personalized onboarding

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are active contacts?

An active contact is someone who registers to, or watches one of your webinars in a given month.

Why does Contrast charge on active contacts per month and not live viewers?

We believe our pricing should be based on the value we deliver to you. Live viewers are only a fraction of your audience. There will always be people who register to your webinar and watch the replay on-demand. By aligning our pricing with all registrants it makes sure we build things like an amazing replay experience.

We want Contrast to work for your full audience, not just a part of it. This approach means the webinars you run will be more successful. And since we charge based on your success, it ensures our team always works hard to make it happen. We see this as a win-win.

Does Contrast offer a free plan?

Yes, we offer a free plan that's tailored to smaller teams or people looking to get started with webinars. You can run as many webinars as you like with up to 50 unique registrants per month on your Channel. Sign up now for lifetime access to the free plan.

Can I really cancel anytime?

Yes, absolutely. If you want to cancel simply go to the billing section of your account page. Once you cancel your plan, you will remain on the plan until the end of your billing cycle, at which time the plan will be canceled and we'll downgrade you to our free tier.

What happens if I go over my registrant limit?

Don't worry, registrants will still be able to sign up for your webinar as usual. As long as you're up to date on payments, your team will be upgraded at your next billing cycle based on your usage of the product. We wont block registrants because your webinar was more successful than expected.

Is there a limit to the number of webinars I can host per month?

You can host as many webinars as you like. We won't limit this in anyway. Our pricing is based on number of unique registrants which changes depending on your plan. You can sign up for our free plan to host webinars with up to 50 unique registrants per month.

Is there a maximum duration for my events?

By default all plans have a maximum event duration of 4 hours. If you need to increase this, just reach out and we can push up to 12 hours.

Can I invite my team?

Yes, there's no limit on the number of people you can add to your team. We know great webinars require collaboration.

How do I contact support?

We'd love to chat with you about any questions, feedback, or doubts you may have. to chat with a human. We usually reply very quickly. If you prefer email, you can can send us one at

Still have questions?

No worries, we're happy to help and show you around the product.