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Lead Generation

Use Contrast top-of-funnel to generate new leads for your business.

  • Use our registration page to turn your traffic into leads
  • Understand interest and intent from the webinars they watch, supercharged by Channel
  • Provide value to your visitors up front and build a relationship from moment one

Customer engagement

Reduce your churn and increase LTV by engaging, educating, and building relationships with your customers.

  • Build relationships before or after your live webinars through Channel
  • Any type of announcement works, whether it's a product announcement, a demo or getting feedback
  • Understand your attendee's journey and use that to calculate ROI

Demand Generation

Generate demand for your business by engaging leads at all stages of the buying process.

  • Engage your prospects and turn them into leads
  • Automatically segment your leads by their actions and touchpoints
  • Track and measure results to improve engagement across your webinars and generate more leads

Brand awareness & partnerships

Demonstrate thought leadership and build a strong community through interactive webinars and Channel

  • Invite co-presenters, other companies and interview experts with your live audience
  • Provide an experience that looks and feels like your brand
  • Use Channel as your thought leadership channel

User activation

Drive higher adoption rates and increase your conversion by educating your new users.

  • Show your product in real-time to help users reach their “aha” moment
  • Answer common questions and take away people's worry from buying your product
  • Brand your webinar experience, so your viewers never feel out of place