Record professional video
podcasts, 10x faster

Contrast is the easiest way for marketers to record and share stunning video podcasts to grow an engaged audience

Showcase your company’s thought leadership

The simplest way to record a video podcast from your browser

  • No install required
  • Just send a link to your guests and start recording!

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Brand your podcast like a pro, without the cost

Contrast is like having a professional video team, without the cost:

  • Brand your interview with logos and colours
  • Add animations and transitions to increase engagement

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Get to a final result, 10x faster

Eliminate weeks of work by removing the need for:

  • Camera crews
  • Editing and post production

Your recordings are ready to use the moment you finish your interview

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Host your podcast series in a beautiful channel

  • Contrast hosts each episode on a URL with a landing page
  • We also take all of your episode and host them in a channel you can brand, with a unique URL for easy sharing

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Get 200% more views with highlights

  • Contrast automatically turns your webinar recording into 5 - 10 clips
  • No need for editing or post production, you can start using them to keep driving your audience to the recording

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All the features you'd expect and need

  • Customizable registration pagesOptimized for conversion. Add custom fields, images and your speakers to make it feel like your brand.
  • Interaction features (Chat, Q&A)Keep your audience engaged during your event. Bring questions onto the stream with Q&A.
  • 1080p full HD stream & recordAutomatically record all your events in full HD so you can easily share great looking videos online.
  • Rich in-app analytics and reportingUse our insights to create better webinars and increase your ROI.
  • Customizable emails and remindersEasily create your own emails and reminders. Or use our default ones. No more playing around with custom HTML.
  • Brand kit & ThemesEasily create webinars that look like your brand with our kits and themes. Helping you repurpose and removing the need for a video editor.
  • 5-star rated HubSpot IntegrationBi-directional integration so you won’t miss out on data. You’ll never see “integrated from offline source” again
  • Modern on-demand experienceThere's life after live. Keep generating leads with our on-demand experience. Automatic recordings and registration pages. Your own channel with your own content.
  • Source tracking & UTM managementGetting more views is good. Knowing where they're from is better. Detect and report UTMs to better understand your distribution channels.

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