Stunning video customer
testimonials, 10x faster

Record any type of branded video from your laptop. Make it look professional and like your brand. Build brand authority.

Let your customers sing your praise on video

The simplest way to record an interview from your browser

No install required. Just send a link to your interviewee, no login needed.

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Record branded video interviews, without the cost

Contrast is like having a professional video team, without the cost:

  • Brand your interview with logos and colours
  • Add animations and transitions to increase engagement

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Create customer testimonials 10x faster

Eliminate weeks of work by removing the need for camera crews or editing and post production.

Your recordings are ready to use the moment you finish your interview.

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Get 200% more views with highlights

  • Contrast automatically turns your testimonial recordings into short clips
  • No need for editing or post production, you can start using them to keep driving your audience to the recording

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Built for data-driven marketing teams

  • Powerful reporting dashboards to track how well your webinars are performing overall
  • Flawless CRM integrations (no more “source:offline data” issues)

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All the features you'd expect and need

  • Customizable registration pagesAdd custom fields, speakers and images to increase attendance and conversion
  • Interaction features (Chat, Q&A)Chat w/ your audience and bring questions onto the stream to increase engagement & improve replays
  • 1080p full HD stream & recordAvailable and ready to use less than 1 minute after going live or recording
  • In-depth analyticsEasily manage attendees and viewers to ensure you get the most out of your webinars
  • Customizable emails and remindersEdit subject, body and CTA so emails match your tone. Write in alternative languages to reach a larger audience
  • Branded videoUpload your branding to make webinars that feel like you. Apply branded templates & banners to remove post production
  • Native hubspot integrationBi-directional integration so you won’t miss out on data. You’ll never see “integrated from offline source” again
  • Download / share replays with a linkContinue generating leads after your live. Replays use the same link so you don’t have to worry about access
  • Source tracking & UTM managementAutomatic UTM & source tracking making it easier to market your webinars

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