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Engagement widgets

by Luuk de Jonge, updated on Oct 20, 2023

Engagement. Marketers worry a lot about it.

No engagement means that people leave halfway through. Getting them back is even harder. It's a lost opportunity.

One of our customers told us

My worst fear is that people open up a new tab while watching my webinar. It's the first step to them dropping off.

Keeping people engaged is extremely difficult. Even with a great presenter. There are just too many distractions one click away.

These are the type of problems that get us excited. Especially since no webinar company has solved them.

We wanted to build something that engages people with a single click.

For inspiration, we looked at anything but webinars. TV, Sports and Twitch.

We noticed two things.

In the best videos there is always something happening, Camera angles that change. Extra information on screen. Animations. It's a rich experience.

Twitch was inspiring too. Streamers call out their viewers while they're live. Making their audience feel like they're part of the stream itself.

We decided to combine these two ideas.

Make webinars more interesting by making the audience a part of your webinar.

Widgets were born.


Widgets are little somethings that you can add to your webinar. Every widget is designed to make your webinar more engaging. A little something. A lot more fun.

We're launching widgets with 2 widgets.

The most trending messages from the chat featured on stream. And a beautiful ticker (that we shamelessly stole from TV) with your company website and socials.

Of course, widgets are automatically styled based on your brand's colors, fonts and theme. It works like magic.

All you need to do is activate the widget by clicking on it. Just once. That's our guarantee to you.

In the future, widgets will be automated entirely. So you don't even need to click. We might call it Studio AI.

Widgets are available now. On every plan. In the following weeks we'll be launching new widgets.

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