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How to Create a Catchy Webinar Title: 5 Tips

by Luuk de Jonge, updated on Feb 23, 2024

As a marketer you're always looking to create titles for your webinars that convert people on your webinar's registration page. It's the registration page itself that contributes largely to the conversion rate. But without a good webinar title, your page will not convert. For many people, webinar titles are more art than science. But it doesn't have to be that way.

We reviewed 5000 webinars hosted on Contrast. We looked at the ones that had the highest conversion rates, then we analyzed their titles. This is what we discovered.

Screenshot of Contrast's their webinar channel
Some of Contrast's last webinar titles on their webinar channel

The questions people ask themselves

People want to know if attending your webinar is worth their time. So they ask themselves questions like these when they're on your registration page:

  • What is this webinar about?
  • What will I get from attending this webinar?
  • Why should I trust these guys?

Luckily it's quite easy to cover these questions on your registration page. And good webinar titles do just that. Let's look at how you can answer these questions now.

  1. Include the keyword of your webinar
  2. Speak to your audience
  3. Be clear about the outcome of the webinar
  4. Good writing
  5. Tone of voice

At the bottom of this article, we include 3 more tips to get your webinar title right.

Remember that the title of your webinar only has one function. and that is to get the person to read the description of your webinar. What's the purpose of the description? Get them to register.

Include the keyword in the webinar title

You don't want people guessing what your webinar will be about. So make sure to include the keyword in the title of your webinar. Of course this should be in line with the overall strategy for your webinar.

Are you targeting a wide audience? Then try to use keywords that everyone can understand. Do you want a more targeted audience? Use keywords that speak directly to them.

By mentioning the keyword, the right audience will understand you're speaking to them (see point 2). On top of that, it will also help your registration page rank on Google Search.

Don't hesitate to combine the title of your webinar with the cover image. They can complement each other. The title of the webinar is actually "What does a webinar audience think and feel?". Notice how both use the webinar keyword.

Cover image for a webinar title "What audiences think and feel during B2B webinars"
In this case we used the keywords webinar and B2B

Speak to your audience

This is as important and mentioning the keyword. When you're planning a webinar, it's important to understand their problems. Ultimately, people that attend a webinar are looking for a solution to their problem. So by understanding their problems, you'll make it easy for yourself to market your webinar to these people.

So for every new webinar you organize, ask yourself:

  • Who are we going to reach with this webinar?
  • What are their problems?
  • Why are we the right people to help them solve their problem?

Only this way, you'll create webinars that speak to your audience. Remember to use the words and tone they speak in to create familiarity.

For example, you can easily use abbreviations for industry-terms everyone within your target audience is used to.

Tell them the outcome

People are busy and likely will have a hundred other things going on next to your webinar. By mentioning the outcome of the webinar, you immediately skip to a world where their problem is solved. A better world of course.

Take a look at these examples:

Webinars That Work: A Step-by-Step Guide to Organizing Impactful B2B Events
Mastering the Art of Webinar Organization: Proven Strategies for Success

You see how both webinar titles show how to solve a problem and what the outcome of it will be (impactful B2B Events, Strategies for Success)? Funny is that both titles were generated by ChatGPT. This means that also ChatGPT understands the importance of mentioning the outcome in the title.

It is not always possible to perfectly get this right in just the webinar title. Don't shy away from reiterating over the outcomes in a bullet-list in the webinar description itself.

Good writing

Keep it simple, stupid. The title of your webinar only has one function. And that is to get the person viewing your registration page to go on and read the description of the webinar. Remember that in good marketing, every component should have a single function.

So it's important to keep your title simple for people to understand. It's likely that the person looking at your webinar title right now is busy, is maybe even scrolling through their LinkedIn feed. Or their kid is asking for a big cup of chocolate milk. Mmm, chocolate milk.

Anyhow. Apply the same rules you would for when you're writing a blog article, or newsletters. We love good writing here at Contrast, and maybe you do too. Here are our favorite writing rules:

  1. Keep it simple, stupid
  2. Use the active voice
  3. Communicate purpose
  4. Be specific
  5. Show, don't tell

Tone of voice

This one is not compulsory, but super powerful when done right. However, if you have brand guidelines or a tone of voice document, make sure that your webinar title and registration page comply with them.

Consistency in marketing is mightily important and the aim should always be to have a consistent marketing funnel. So include your webinar title and build towards that dream of having a consistent marketing funnel.

When you're working on the registration page itself, keep consistency between title and description in mind. The best webinar platforms allow you to take it a step further with branded registration pages. Where you can use your own logo, brand colors and even fonts.

How to get your webinar title right

Write multiple, choose one

Don't settle on the first idea you get. With a bit of effort, you'll quickly get to 5-10 ideas for a catchy webinar title. Is it worth the effort? Of course, great webinar titles help convert more people. A conversion rates that's 5% higher can easily mean 50 more people that register to your webinar.

Now that you ideally have 5-10 ideas for your webinar title, ask your colleagues which one they think is best. Surely, this is not quantitive user research. But clear winners will naturally come to the surface. Then just pick your favorite.

Speed up the process

Monday morning, it's raining and the coffee still has not kicked in. Sounds familiar? You can use AI and tools like ChatGPT to help you generate ideas for your next webinar title.

Make sure to tweak the AI a little bit. If you're working in B2B, this prompt typically works very well to get better responses (read: less cheesy, less buzzwords):

You're a professional B2B Marketer with over 10 years of experience in marketing. Your writing is simple and straight to the point. You avoid buzzwords, marketing-speak and instead use words that regular people would use.

Use this prompt followed by the action you want the AI to do. Be specific with your request and use the tips we discussed before, such as including the keyword of your webinar:

You're a professional B2B Marketer with over 10 years of experience in marketing. Your writing is simple and straight to the point. You avoid buzzwords, marketing-speak and instead use words that regular people would use. Give me 10 ideas for a webinar title about "How to navigate salary scales at work".

Here at Contrast, we love to use AI to simply get the juices flowing. It's really a kick-starter for our ideation-phase. From here, we take a couple of ideas the AI suggested and we iterate upon them.

AB-test your webinar title

Okay, if you don't have a potential audience of thousands of people you can skip this section and go straight to the end of this article. But if you do, it's worth AB-testing different versions of your webinar title. We recommend you to do this up the funnel and not on the registration page itself. This way, you can collect a lot more data quicker and decide on the definitive webinar title sooner.

Your webinar title is only one piece

Remember that the webinar title is only one piece of a bigger puzzle. You should spend time on the registration page as well. More importantly, it's 2023 now and your viewer's expectations have shifted.

Screenshot of the webinar platform Contrast
The right webinar title + The right webinar platform = 🚀

They want to register in the click of a button. They want to engage with others during the webinar. They want high quality video. In short, they want a modern experience.

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