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Guest Speaker

Guest speakers are external experts invited to share their knowledge on a specific topic.

What is a guest speaker?

A guest speaker is someone invited by a webinar organizer because of their knowledge or passion for a given subject. This person is usually not part of the team that created the webinar, but will present during the session. The goal of a guest speaker is to engage with other speakers, host the event, and bring a unique perspective to the discussion.

What makes a good guest speaker?

An effective guest speaker will share valuable insights with your audience. They need to be an expert on the subject matter of your webinar. To be successful, the guest speaker will need to prepare in advance of the event. As they won't be face-to-face, the session needs to be lively and interactive in order to keep the audience engaged.

Pro tip: The webinar organizer should always do a test run before the webinar. This helps guest speakers become familiar with the webinar platform they will be using.
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How to choose a guest speaker?

A guest speaker's skills should complement the expertise of the other speakers. Select a diverse range of speakers in order to bring different perspectives and opinions to your audience.

Guest speakers can be community organizers, industry experts, influencers, team members, or companies that operate in a similar space. Customers can also be used to create social proof for new prospects.

Ask yourself these questions when selecting a guest speaker:

  • Do they add value?
  • What is their unique perspective?
  • Do they compliment the other speakers?
  • What questions will you ask this guest speaker?
  • Do they have experience with public speaking & presenting?
  • Will they draw new people to the webinar?

Why have a guest speaker at your webinar?

There are 5 benefits of a good guest speaker:

  1. Boost number of registrants
  2. Increases engagement
  3. Add brand authority
  4. Improve credibility
  5. Bring unique perspectives

Adding guest speakers to a webinar will increase the number of registrants. This is because a guest speaker can promote the webinar to their customers and network helping you reach more leads.

What is a guest speakers responsibility?

Guest speakers focus on presenting and engaging with the audience. They answer questions during Q&A sessions from attendees and discuss with participants in the chat. Guest speakers usually do not have access to the dashboard for the webinar. They also usually do not control when a webinar begins or ends.

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