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Evergreen Webinar

Evergreen webinars are timeless on-demand webinars. They are always relevant, no matter when they were made.

What is an Evergreen Webinar?

An evergreen webinar is a webinar that is timeless and available on-demand, regardless of when it was made. Named after the evergreen tree (which keeps it leaves all year round), an evergreen webinar stays “fresh” for extended periods of time. The content remains valuable and relevant for long periods of time to a specific audience, allowing it to generate leads or brand awareness on autopilot. Usually, evergreen webinars are automated and available on-demand.

Examples of evergreen webinars

The most effective evergreen webinars leverage webinar ideas that remain relevant indefinitely. Choosing a subject that's overly trendy can undermine the longevity of your evergreen webinar funnel. Topics tied to current news, statistics, trends, or reports are unsuitable, as their relevance is fleeting and likely to evolve shortly. Evergreen webinars are best when they include content that maintains its value over time.

For example, Figures' webinar about increasing employer attractiveness based on transparency serves as an excellent example of a great evergreen topic suitable for a conversion webinar funnel. This webinar covers fundamental aspects of recruitment that are unlikely to undergo significant changes over time. Since businesses will continuously face the task of hiring new employees, the content remains pertinent, focusing on the enduring principles of onboarding that retain their applicability.

Screenshot of Figures webinar on Contrast
Figures webinar on Contrast

Another great example is this webinar from Census about data teams and their link to driving revenue. This topic will always be relevant and might even become a more important topic as time goes by.

Screenshot of Census webinar landing page
Census webinar landing page

Other good examples for evergreen webinar topics:

  • How to
  • Tutorials
  • Questions
  • Product demos
  • Educational topics
  • Subject matter expert advice

How to create an evergreen webinar?

Luckily, there's no need for specialized software to transform your webinars into evergreen content. Leading webinar platforms, such as Contrast, come equipped with capabilities to craft evergreen webinars.

How does it work? Essentially, evergreen webinars are pre-recorded webinars that are turned into on-demand webinars by the hosts or organizers. These recordings could be either past live webinar sessions or media files uploaded by the host onto the webinar platform.

As for audience access, participants are first required to sign up on a registration page. Upon providing some personal details, they are either directed straight to the webinar page or receive a link to access it. As evergreen webinars are available on-demand, they can be viewed at any convenience. Most features (Q&A and polls) are accessible to viewers, though the chat function is typically disabled due to the absence of live moderation in evergreen webinars.

Evergreen webinars allow you to keep generating leads even after the webinar as registration and watch data are stored and can be integrated with common tools in marketing stacks.

What are the benefits of evergreen webinars?

Evergreen webinars are perpetually relevant. Once set to operate on-demand, they continuously attract new leads with minimal effort required from the organizer, making them highly efficient for scaling purposes. This attribute positions evergreen webinars as cost-effective means for ongoing lead generation.

Moreover, evergreen content possesses a high shareability factor. Research shows that individuals tend to share content they believe is valuable to others. For instance, Contrast data shows that nearly 50% of registrants watch on-demand content rather than the live version. It's also easier to share to friends and colleagues than a live event.

Additionally, webinars that tackle frequently searched topics consistently drive web traffic. Incorporating key search terms into the webinar titles can further enhance their visibility.

How to create an evergreen webinar funnel?

Evergreen webinars excel when it comes to lead generation. Each one features a registration page, which serves as a tool for capturing new leads. Thanks to their permanent nature, evergreen webinars have the capacity to accumulate new leads continuously over an indefinite period.

Within the structure of a marketing funnel, evergreen webinars are versatile, applicable from the top to the mid-section of the funnel. They are particularly useful in stages where direct interaction with leads is not necessary.

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