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Webinar Engagement

Webinar engagement refers to the level of interaction and participation a webinar receives from its attendees.

What is Webinar Engagement?

Webinar engagement refers to the level of interaction and participation a webinar receives from its attendees.

This can encompass a variety of activities, including but not limited to:

  • Asking questions
  • Downloading assets
  • Participating in polls or surveys
  • Engaging with interactive content such as quizzes or games
  • Using chat functions to interact with guest speakers or other participants

Webinar engagement can be measured quantitatively with webinar metrics linked to engagement: attendance rates, watch time, poll answers — or qualitatively by using post-webinar survey forms or through feedback from the audience.

The webinar moderator plays a key role in both increasing and retaining webinar engagement. They will be using the interactive features of the webinar platform, such as the chat to keep the audience engaged, while making sure the speakers stay on-topic and on-pace.

For example, a webinar might use live polls to see what topics the audience is most interested in. High engagement shows the webinar is capturing attention and providing value.

Screenshot of Polls on-stage with Contrast
Using live polls to increase webinar engagement

Why is Webinar Engagement Important?

Most of the time the success of a webinar is directly linked to how engaged the audience members more than it is to the number of registrants. Having an engaged audience is crucial because it directly influences the effectiveness and impact of the webinar.

Engaged participants are more likely to absorb and retain the information presented, making the webinar a valuable educational tool. High levels of engagement also contribute to a positive attendee experience, which can increase attendance rates for future webinars and engaging with the brand or organization further.

Engaging webinars can foster a sense of community among participants, enhance learning outcomes, and ultimately drive conversions or actions aligned with the host's objectives.

From a presenter's perspective, engagement provides immediate feedback, allowing for adjustments in real-time to better meet the audience's needs.

High engagement levels are often indicative of a great webinar. They reflect the audience's interest and involvement in the topic being presented. This is why the best webinar platforms are built for interaction between the presenters and the audience.

Moreover, engagement metrics are webinar key performance indicators (KPIs) for analyzing the success of the webinar, understanding audience preferences, and refining content strategy.

The Most Modern Webinar Platform Built for Engagement

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11 Tips to Increase Webinar Engagement

Live webinars are the gold standard for engagement. The most engaging webinars come from a fluid interaction between the hosts and the audience members.

On-demand and evergreen webinars also be engaging formats but will never be as effective as live events.

To increase webinar engagement, focus on interactive and participant-centered approaches throughout the webinar planning, execution, and follow-up stages.

  1. Start by choosing a webinar topic that resonates with your target audience and promises them clear value.
  2. Leverage engaging guest speakers who are not only knowledgeable on the subject but also skilled in interactive presentation techniques. Ask them relevant questions to get the most value possible out of them.
  3. Generate interest for the webinar starting during the webinar promotion phase: tease guest speakers, deliver value before the event starts, and engage with your audience across different channels like social media.
  4. Brand your webinars with colors, logos, speaker names, and more to increase engagement with your company.
  5. Incorporate a variety of multimedia elements such as videos, infographics, and live demonstrations to cater to different learning styles and keep the content dynamic. These can usually be uploaded to the webinar green room to facilitate access during the live event.
  6. During the webinar, encourage participation through live polls, Q&A sessions, and interactive quizzes to make the experience more interactive.
  7. Prompt feedback and opinions from the audience regularly to keep them involved and adapt your presentation based on their responses.
  8. Offer downloadable resources, worksheets, or actionable tips that attendees can use, enhancing the practical value of the webinar.
  9. Ensure your webinar platform is user-friendly and accessible, providing clear instructions for participation in interactive elements.
  10. Post-event engagement is also key; follow up with attendees via email with a post-webinar survey, additional resources related to the webinar topic, and information on upcoming events.
  11. Repurpose your webinar into shorter form content or other formats to keep your audience engaging with your webinar even after it's over.
Gif of webinar Q&A
Webinar Q&A on Contrast

By implementing these strategies, you can significantly increase engagement, improving your webinar lead generation, increasing brand awareness, and making your webinars more effective and memorable for participants.

Best Webinar Platforms for Engagement

Selecting the right webinar platform is crucial for maximizing engagement, as different platforms offer unique features tailored to interactive experiences.

The best platforms for interaction are going to be platforms built with audience engagement in mind. Here are the best platforms known for their engagement capabilities:

  • Contrast is the #1 webinar platform for engagement. A popular choice for people looking to make engaging webinars through a branded experience. Polls, Q&As, modern chat systems, engagement widgets, and more. Contrast is built for interaction.
  • ON24: Specializes in data-driven, interactive webinars and virtual events. ON24 features engagement tools like polls, surveys, chat, and a unique engagement hub where attendees can access additional content and resources.
  • GoToWebinar: Known for its reliability and somewhat comprehensive toolset, GoToWebinar facilitates engagement through polls, surveys, and Q&A sessions. It's particularly well-suited for lower budget teams less worried with the quality of the event.

The Most Modern Webinar Platform Built for Engagement

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