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Webinar Series

A webinar series is a sequence of online events, usually covering similar topics. It is made up of multiple individual webinars (episodes) that can be watched live or as replays.

What is a Webinar Series?

A webinar series is a sequence of online events, usually covering similar topics. It is made up of multiple individual webinars (episodes) that can be watched live or as on-demand. They are typically created and ran for marketing or engagement purposes.

Each session in the series, or "episode", is a standalone experience but is part of the larger thematic narrative of the series. Attendees can participate in one or more of these sessions live, or watch the replays at their convenience.

This format has gained popularity among businesses as a versatile tool for various objectives, such as:

  1. Building customer relationships: Regular interactions through a series help in establishing and deepening connections with registrant in their customer base.
  2. Educational content delivery: It's an effective way to educate customers or prospects about industry insights, product usage, or relevant skills.
  3. Product launches: A series can create sustained excitement around a new product or service, offering detailed insights over multiple sessions.

Webinar series provide a platform for real-time interactions, allowing customers to engage directly with the brand through questions and feedback. This immediate exchange is valuable for both delivering content effectively and understanding customer needs and perspectives.

What are the Benefits of a Webinar Series?

Webinar series offer multiple benefits for businesses, enhancing engagement and the business' ability to generate leads from webinars:

  1. Increased lead engagement: A series provides multiple touchpoints through the webinar funnel with potential customers. Each session builds upon previous ones, fostering ongoing conversations and deepening relationships. Tracking progress and KPIs over time helps businesses identify the optimal moment for outreach.
  2. Re-engagement opportunities: Missed sessions don't mean lost opportunities. A series enables businesses to re-engage no-shows by inviting them to upcoming sessions, maintaining their interest and participation. Following up with post-webinar surveys can also be a great way to get more information on why a participant didn't attend.
  3. Broader topic coverage: With the luxury of time, a webinar series can delve into various aspects of a topic. This allows for a comprehensive exploration, use of examples, and provision of actionable insights, which might be challenging to achieve in a single webinar.
  4. Content tailored to attendees: Unlike a one-off webinar, a series can adapt to attendee feedback and interests over time. This flexibility allows for a more targeted and relevant exploration of different facets of the subject matter. Inviting multiple different guest speakers to cover a single topic from different angles allows for a higher-quality webinar series.
  5. Building momentum and narrative: Each session in a series can build upon the last, creating a compelling narrative. This momentum keeps the audience engaged and more likely to act on calls-to-action. Varied content in each session also keeps the material fresh and engaging.

In summary, webinar series provide a unique approach to connect with and nurture potential leads over time. With strategic content and thoughtful execution, businesses can cultivate a loyal audience that returns for ongoing learning and interaction.

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How to Create a Successful Webinar Series?

Creating a successful webinar series involves strategic planning and execution to captivate and educate your target audience effectively. The best webinar platforms will offer a toolkit to help make this easier.

Begin by identifying a central webinar idea, theme, or topic that resonates with your audience, ensuring it is broad enough to cover multiple sessions yet specific enough to provide in-depth and valuable insights.

Next, outline a clear structure for your series, deciding on the number of sessions and their individual focus areas. This structure should provide a logical progression, making each webinar a standalone experience while also contributing to the overarching theme. Invest time in designing engaging and interactive content, incorporating multimedia elements such as slides, videos, and live demonstrations to enhance the learning experience.

Promote your webinar series through various channels like social media, email marketing, and your website, using SEO-friendly keywords and descriptions to boost visibility. Social media promotion is a great tactic for webinar series as it can create hype and excitement around your upcoming series.

Registration should be streamlined and user-friendly, and consider offering incentives for signing up for the entire series.

Q&A on Contrast

During the webinars, encourage participation through Q&A sessions, polls, and discussions.

Follow up with attendees post-webinar, providing additional resources, and solicit feedback to refine future sessions. By focusing on delivering valuable content in an engaging format, your webinar series can become a powerful tool to educate, engage, and expand your audience.

Finally, repurpose your webinar series into different formats, blogs, clips, newsletters. This will help you drive more audience members to watch the replays of your episodes.

Create a webinar series in minutes

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